The Falcon Hotel
  • The Falcon Hotel

  • Event Date : Saturday, 19 February 2011
  • Start Time  : 10pm
  • End Time    : 5am
  • Address      : Southampton

About this location

You have heard the warning not to drink and drive, well, if you are ever tempted, remember the fate of landlord Mr Waterman, who died after being knocked over by a horse and carriage near his Falcon Inn in Fawley.

You can see the earthly embodiment of this first landlord, captured in a black and white photograph on the wall of one of the two bars, but, it is reported that his spirit (no pun intended!) continues to wander around this fascinating eighteenth century pub.

Is Mr Waterman alone? With a history incorporating a secret tunnel, accessed via the remaining cellar, originally leading to the coast and used by smugglers, it is not surprising that there have been reports of 7 ghosts who still frequent this site.

So why not join us for a fantastic evening investigating the paranormal experiences of this historic pub. Maybe Mr Waterman will call Last Orders ?

Included on this event

  • Parking
  • Refreshments
  • Use Of Equipment