Aldermaston Manor
  • Aldermaston Manor

  • Event Date : Friday, 26 October 2012
  • Start Time  : 9pm
  • End Time    : 5am
  • Address      : Reading

About this location

Dare you join us at this sinister looking haunted Victorian manor house set in 137 acres of Berkshire Park and woodland? Aldermaston manor is steeped in well over 1,000 years of history and is listed in the Doomsday Book.

Aldermaston, including the manor, originally belonged to the last Anglo-Saxon king, Harold, who died at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Aldermaston stayed in possession of the Crown until Henry I gifted it to Sir Robert Archard on 1115.

Aldermaston has maintained its Royal connections over the century with reported visits by Elizabeth 1st and Henry III. Will we make be visited by any of the past Monarchs or court members during our investigation?

Over the next 700 or so years the manor was passed from family to family and the building was added to and renovated. The estate passed to the Congreve family in 1747. A stable block was built in about 1800, which is still standing, and is used as offices. The estate remained with the Congreve family until 1843, when the house was badly damaged by fire. Will we see the mysterious cloaked figure, who walks the driveway, were they responsible for the fire?

The last major milestone occurred in 1848 when Aldermaston Manor passed into the hands of Daniel Higford Burr bought the estate. He and his wife Mary built Aldermaston Manor about 50 metres south of the previous house. They built the house in the Elizabethan style, and incorporated the figured wooden staircase, some stained glass, and the chimney stacks from the 1636 house, which was later demolished. Will we see Mary wife of Daniels who reportedly roams the corridors of this haunted house?

Charles Keyser bought the house in 1893 and his family had the house until 1939. Shortly after the outbreak of World War II the British government requisitioned the estate. During the war, the USAAF HQ XIX Tactical Air Command was stationed at the house and there were anti-aircraft batteries stationed on the grounds.

In 1967, Aldermaston Manor became a Grade II listed building. Blue Circle Industries bought the estate in 1981, and restored the house, and converted it into a hotel and conference centre.

Many of the hotels guest have reported that they have been visited in the night by a spirit. Staff and guests of the hotel have reported being touched, felt someone sat on bed when no one there. Doors have opened and closed by themselves so a venue that has to be investigated.

Aldermaston Manor is a new location for Southern Ghost Society and it is believed that the Manor has paranormal activity including, ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and a very sinister history. Join us on this exciting ghost hunt and lets discover the haunted secrets of Aldermaston Manor.

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