Kelvedon Hatch
  • Kelvedon Hatch

  • Event Date : Saturday, 18 August 2012
  • Start Time  : 7pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Brentwood

About this location

A superb opportunity to carry out a paranormal investigation at what must be one of the most unique venues ever ! The underground nuclear bunker at Kelveden Hatch, built in 1952, was designed to keep everything out, but just what ghostly secrets may be trapped within its impenetrable walls ?

The bunker was built at the height of the Cold War in response to a developing threat from the Soviet Union which had commenced testing of atomic bombs. Its initial purpose was as an air defence station, housing a complex radar system, thereafter a civil defence facility and latterly, right through to the 1990s as an emergency 'home' for up to 600 people, including military personnel, civilian MOD workers and members of the government, maybe even the Prime Minister. The bunker could house its inhabitants for up to 3 months and the purpose was to protect from the apocalyptic fall out of nuclear war and actually ensure the continuation of human life.

The existence of the bunker had to be well hidden and it was built within a remote forested area with the entrance being through a perfectly ordinary looking bungalow (remind you of all those spy films you've seen ?). From inside the bungalow, you enter an amazing 120m long tunnel, leading you 38m underground to the lowest of 3 levels which housed communication and other key equipment. Above this is the floor designed for governmental activity, whilst the top level was the 'living' area with dormitories, washrooms, canteen and even a medical unit. How times have changed ! There is an irony of now seeing signs directing visitors to 'The Secret Underground Bunker' and indeed, this was not lost on the programme 'Top Gear' which included these signs in one of their episodes. The amazingly atmospheric environment of the bunker has also featured in other famous films such as 'The Murder Game'.

In 1992, the bunker was finally decommissioned as the threat of Soviet nuclear attack finally receded and it is now a fascinating tourist attraction and Cold War museum, purchased, amazingly, by the same family who owned the original site on which it was built.

What an incredible venue to hold this ghost hunt. Imagine being one of those people living here during the potential end of the world !! Although there are reports of just one death here, a worker who, it is believed, was buried alive underneath concrete during construction, there are many tales of apparent paranormal activity at the location, which was built on the site of an old Roman burial ground. These include inexplicable light and mist effects, feelings of unease and menace, visions of an RAF Officer and a female uniformed figure ordering visitors to leave. Is she a ghost from the past still trying to protect the secret of the site ? There have also been reports of dark shadows moving around the sick bay, stones being thrown, loud bangs, unpleasant smells and even a growling sound coming from empty rooms. Whilst the resident cat called 'Catastrophe' might have been responsible for the last 2, as cynics believe (!), it surely can't be used as an explanation of the other ghostly manifestations.

Join us on this incredible event to help experience the paranormal activity of the spirits and uncover the secrets of this amazing place.

Included on this event

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