Newsham Park Hospital
  • Newsham Park Hospital

  • Event Date : Saturday, 02 March 2024
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
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About this location

Newsham Park is a former seaman’s orphanage hospital and asylum built in 1874, after it was recognised that here was no support or education for the orphans of British seamen. The grade II listed building is set its own grounds of around 3 acres and offers an impressive 99,000 sq ft of floor space.

By 1899 there were 321 children living at the orphanage under harsh conditions where punishments were very cruel. One of the main areas of activity is the naughty boy’s corridor which is said to give visitors a feeling of sadness, dread and overarching fear! Could they be experiencing the petrified children’s emotions as they waiting alone and not knowing what fait awaited them?

During the first world war it was said that over 1000 children were being assisted by Newsham Park and by the second world war these children needed to be evacuated to a country home of Mr E.B Royden, a devoted friend and committee member. Post war, preparations were made for the children to return to Newsham Park, but with the new expansion and introduction of social services and many surviving parents reluctant to have their children sent back to an orphanage. The decline in numbers led to the sale of the premises to the Ministry of Health for use as a hospital facility.

In 1954, the New Newsham Park Hospital opened its door to patients and received an influx of additional patients with severe mental problems which led to the hospital developing its own psychiatric department. The hospital officially stopped taking new patients in 1988, and by 1992 all remaining patients and staff were relocated.

Newsham Park is the ultimate ghost hunting venue and offers a labyrinth of hidden corridors, halls and wards to investigate. From the moment you enter it is said that the building has a frightening feel which has led to the venue becoming one of the most interesting places to host a paranormal investigate in the United Kingdom.

Ghost hunters have been pushed to their limits with reports of being watched from the moment you enter. The darkness is imposing and many have reported being followed by ghostly footsteps and even pushed by unseen hands.

With Paranormal activity reported in every area of this vast building, we are sure to be in for a night we will never forget……….Join us!!

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