Museum of East Dorset
  • Museum of East Dorset

  • Event Date : Friday, 10 November 2023
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : 23-29 High St Wimborne BH21 1HR

About this location

The Museum of East Dorset is a Grade II listed building located on the high street in the historic town of Wimborne. Formerly referred to as the Priest House Museum, the property dates back to the 16th century and despite extensive restoration has managed to retain many of its original features.

Between 1687 and 1709, the house was owned by John Bowdidge who was born in 1550 and lived there with his family until debt forced the sale of the property.

After the sale, the buildings were brought by various tradespeople who occupied the front part of the building with several families living in the rear which lowered the status of the property.

Tom Frank Coles was one of the tradespeople who plied his trade as an ironmonger at the property. Following his death in 1953, His daughter Hilda Coles inherited the property and business and took the decision to close the shop and turn the building into a museum known as the Priest’s House. Hilda was well known in the area and worked with the Wimborne Historical Society creating galleries occupying the ground floor rooms. Opening in 1962, the dream was to be a centre of culture and education which would appeal to all ages.

Moving forward in time, restoration began again with the building being extended to 10 rooms comprising of an Information Centre and a series of permanent displays. These displays were put in place to show the history of the building and reflect how the properties would have been inhabited.

This is a new venue to Southern Ghost Society, and we cannot wait to explore this historic building. Staff have reported ghostly footsteps wandering the building along noises coming from inhabited rooms. Artefacts being moved and things falling from shelves with no one around.

Could this be one of the family members who still inhabit their home? One of the workers still going about their daily business?

Only one way to find out…………….Join us!

Included on this event

  • Hot Drink Refreshments
  • Use of Equipment