Ancient Ram Inn
  • Ancient Ram Inn

  • Event Date : Saturday, 02 June 2012
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Potters Pond Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7HF

About this location

The Ancient Ram inn is supposedly the most haunted inn in the UK and Southern Ghost Society has been given the opportunity to spend the night at this amazing location.

Built on a 5000 year old Pagan burial ground and crossing lye lines, The Ancient Ram Inn is notoriously a spiritual hot spot with everything from Witches, Cavaliers, Highwaymen and even an Incubus.

The inn has had numerous owners and inhabitants. It was first the property of the church. Priests used the house for keeping slaves and workers who were involved in the construction of the nearby church of St. Mary. The ownership of the Ram then changed hands in the year 1350 when it was bought by an individual named Maurice de Bathe.

Since then the inn is a private property and has seen many ownerships during its long and ghostly history. There have been many sightings wherein the previous owners of the inn have been seen residing and sitting together with the patrons of todayís world.

With countless murders at this amazing location, will we contact the ghost of clergymen, who still frequent the ramís many rooms?

The Ram is thought to be over a 1000 years old and has been home to many owners over the years, one who is thought to had been hung or even strangled inside the inn is still heard walking the hallways with his ghostly footsteps.

From Footsteps, Rattling of doors, Light Anomalies, Scratching Sounds to people having physical contact, this event is going to be one not to miss.

Most Haunted and more recently Ghost Adventures have filmed at this amazing location so we are in good company as we try and unearth what make the current owner refuse to sleep in his own bed and without a bible.

Due to the nature of this event we will only be take a limited number of people so if you fancy joining us, then please donít delay.

Included on this event

  • Use Of Equipment
  • Refreshments