George Jarvis School - Sleep Over
  • George Jarvis School - Sleep Over

  • Event Date : Saturday, 24 September 2022
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 9am
  • Address      : Flintsham Court Titley Kington Kington HR5 3RG

About this location

George Jarvis School in Hereford is fast becoming one of the most haunted locations in the UK due to the amount of paranormal activity reported.

This imposing gothic red brick school was built around the late 1850's with the aim to offer boarding to benefit children from poor families. The main school building consists of over 40 rooms spanning across spooky cellars, the ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floors. There are also large outbuildings and a schoolhouse onsite offering even the most hardened ghost hunter countless creepy areas to explore.

The building is known to send shivers through anyone who is lucky enough to walk through the doors and even the children boarding there back in the day reported paranormal activity with many children feared going there and having to walk through the dark halls.

Throughout history the building was not just known for its education connections, there are reports that the American army were in residence using the vast space as a hospital and later in history it was used as a youth hostel.

A person has been seen angrily looking from a top window and many locals believe it’s the spirit of the late George Jarvis who remains unhappy that his fortune was not used to erect public buildings as stated in his last will and testament.

From people being seen still walking the corridors to objects moving on their own, we are sure to be in for an amazing night!

We cannot wait to investigate this one...….Did I mention that we are sleeping over at this one so this is an all night investigation!!