Merley House
  • Merley House

  • Event Date : Friday, 06 May 2022
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Merley House Ln Wimborne BH21 3AA

About this location

The grade I Myrle House, or better known now as Merley House is a building of historical significance and has stood strong since construction in 1756. Originally the Merley estate was purchased in 1751 by Ralph Willet after inheriting a large fortune at just 21. As lover of books and pictures, Ralph wanted a property grand enough to accommodate his vast collections, which he would eventually outgrow, building a further 2 wings which were an impressive 84 feet long, 23 feet wide and 23 feet high.

Throughout the years Ralph would marry and divorce a few times and sadly have no children of his own so upon his death in 1795, his adopted son John Willett Adye inherited his property, possessions and even took the family name.

In 1878, The house changed families and was bought by the Wienholt family who were made up of many siblings. For many years it was home to two unmarried sisters, Mary and Ellen, who made major renovations to Merley House. Sadly, Mary died in 1896 and with her sister moving to Pool, the house was sold to Ivor Bertie Guest. Ivor brought the residence mainly as a rental property where between 1896 and 1946 the house was home to many different families.

The outbreak of the war in 1939 meant a change in use for the house as it was requisitioned by the War office. Angus Valdemar Hambro a politician and a notable amateur golfer held residence at the house until 1960s when it was purchased by the present owners, and opened as a hotel, wedding and function venue.

There are records of dwellings and settlements pre-dating the current home, so is there any wonder that countless visitors have reported ghost sighting and regular paranormal activity. Figures have been seen walking through wall, children on the stairs and even physical contact in the cellars

With all this Paranormal activity you would be crazy to miss this opportunity

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