St John's House
  • St John's House

  • Event Date : Saturday, 16 April 2022
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : St John's House Museum St Johns, Warwick CV34 4NF

About this location

Boasting almost 900 years of existence, this Jacobean mansion has a history of helping local people in both education and health but it’s the tragedy element that is thought to be responsible for the number of paranormal reports over the years

During the reign of Henry II in the 12 century, William de Beaumont, the 3rd Earl of Warwick commissioned the hospital of St. John the Baptist. Built to help not only the ill, but the local poor and journey men to provide food and an overnight stay.

The hospital of St. John the Baptist comprised of four standing buildings with the largest of the three displaying crosses at the roof's apex which indicates religious use and most possibly a chapel. The site also had a cemetery and reports in the 1830s and 1980s of remains being dug up during refurbishment or remodelling works on the House. With the disturbance of remains is there any wonder people have reported the ghostly sights of dark apparitions or the sounds of disembodied voices?

St. Johns was granted to the Stoughton family by Henry VIII in 1540 although it took until 1563 for the official grant to be awarded by Queen Elizabeth I. It was Anthony Stoughton junior commissioned the building we see today, and you can still see the initials A. S. along with the date 1626 above a door lintel in the East Wing. The house remained in the possession of this family up until the 1780’s.

In 1791 the building was rented out to become a school known as St John’s Academy for boys or ‘Young Gentlemen’, and you can still see the faded word ‘Education’ at the buildings entrance. Despite remining an education institution, St Johns changed to a school for young ladies 1828, back to gentlemen in 1845 only to change back to a school for young ladies in 1884.

The school was declared bankrupt in 1900 and closed.

St Johns house museum boasts all manner of paranormal reports and most of this is attributed to the time as a family residence. The Stoughton daughters were both hit by tragedy which both saw their demise at the mansion. Jane, whilst refuelling the fire had her clothing set alight and she was badly burnt and evidently died from the injuries.

An offender broke into the house and held the second sister Ann, by the throat at knife point. It is thought that the offender was known to Ann and although she refused to disclose their name after she discovered the penalty, she was said to had died from the trauma caused by the incident.

With such a chilling and tragic history St John’s House is terrifying place to spend the night.

Over 900 years of history, links to a hospital deaths and disturbed graves during renovation, there is no doubt in our minds that there is more to St Johns house than meets the eye.

Previous visits have reported every type of paranormal activity from laughter, unexplained voices and full body apparitions.

This is Southern Ghost Societies first visit and we are giving you the opportunity to join the team attempting to uncover the ghostly going on!

Join us!

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