Llanthony Secunda Manor
  • Llanthony Secunda Manor

  • Event Date : Friday, 07 February 2020
  • Start Time  : 6pm
  • End Time    : 6am
  • Address      : Church Farm Caldicot NP26 4HT

About this location

Southern Ghost Society have an unique opportunity to spend the weekend at the historic 800 year old Llanthony Secunda manor and we are pleased to give you the opportunity to join us.

Llanthony Secunda manor is believed to have been built between 1130 and 1210 and is ingrained with both English and Welsh history with links to a Norman castle which still stands just yards away.

The manors and the surrounding land are steeped with amazing history centring around Monks and religion as for the first few years of its existence Llanthony Secunda Manor was used as a two-story grange by a monastery to house the Augustinian monks fleeing Llanthony Prima Priory.

In the 12th century this medieval manor was said to have been owned by Henry VIII where in 1536 when he acquired large amounts of land following dissolution of the monasteries although it has been confirmed that he never resided there.

The building you see today is much changed from the original dwelling however throughout the years people have reported paranormal activity thought to be driven by the modernisation and renovation to the manor by the new owners.

People have reported a full spectrum of activity ranging from belongings being moved, people being touched to full body apparitions.

This will be the first time that the team have stayed somewhere for 48 hours and we are sure with our range of the latest ghost hunting equipment and experience we are in for a weekend we will never forget.

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Included on this event

  • Parking
  • Use of Equipment
  • Overnight Stay
  • Refreshments