Carew Castle
  • Carew Castle

  • Event Date : Saturday, 28 April 2018
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      : Tenby SA70 8SL

About this location

This investigation takes the team back to Wales to the amazing Carew Castle.

Carew Castle, At the end of the 11th century became the centre of Norman rule in South Pembrokeshire after they extended their conquest of England into Wales.

Henry I appointed Gerald de Windsor as constable and he decided to build his own fortification on the Carew River, ten miles up the tidal waterway from Pembroke. Excavation has revealed an Iron Age settlement on the site which unearthed large quantities of Roman pottery and furthermore a Dark Age settlement or fort may also have existed on the site.

The original wood and earth Castle was later replaced by stone and in the late fifteenth century the Castle was greatly improved and extended by a very colourful and interesting character, Sir Rhys ap Thomas. Sir Rhys altered both the west and east ranges, and was responsible for many of the Bath stone windows and other many other features. Sir Rhys ap Thomas was said 'to rule this corner of Wales like a King' and in doing so gain the trust of both Henry VII and Henry VIII.

Sir John Perrot, oversaw the final development of Carew Castle taking it from a Medieval fortress to a lavish Elizabethan manor building the great northern range, with its huge windows overlooking the Millpond. Despite all his hard work and renovation, Sir John would not enjoy his magnificent new home, for he died in the Tower of London before the work could be completed.

Sir George Carew owned the castle during the Civil War the Castle, but it was garrisoned at different times by both royalists and parliamentarians, and changed hands four times, on at least one occasion following a fierce assault. Following the Civil War, the Castle was occupied for some years, but eventually abandoned in 1686. In 1983 the National Park Authority leased the Castle and surrounding area for a further 99 years.

From the paranormal side, Carew Castle has it fair share of ghost stories and tales. There are thought to be several ghosts active at Carew Castle. A warrior, known as the Celtic warrior is said to haunt the battlements and it has been reported on several occasions still trying to defend the castle. Reports of noises of pots and pans clanking have been heard from the kitchen, thought to be the sounds of the kitchen boy and his mischievous ways.

Many people from Carew village will tell you of their encounters with a kindly spirit who walks the ruins in daylight or in the flood of the full moon. Princess Nest was said to be the most beautiful woman in Wales, who still welcomes visitors to her castle just as she would have done 900 years ago.

With ghostly spirits, some welcoming and some not so, Child spirts and even the ghost of an ape which is said to appear on a stormy night, we are surely to be in for a night to remember

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