Shrewsbury Prison (The Dana)
  • Shrewsbury Prison (The Dana)

  • Event Date : Saturday, 26 November 2016
  • Start Time  : 9pm
  • End Time    : 4am
  • Address      : Shrewsbury SY1 2HR

About this location

HM Shrewsbury or The Dana officially closed its doors in 2013 leaving behind a labyrinth of Cells and corridors imprinted with a very Dark, Spooky and Sinister past. The current building you see today dates back to 1877 however the site dates back to 1793 with connections to a nearby medieval prison Dana Gaol.

Until 1922 this Ghostly Gaol was home to both male and female inmates who would have spent most of the day cooped up in their overcrowded cells as punishment for the various crimes they committed. Although the venue is relatively new to Ghost Hunting Paranormal Groups, reports of strange occurrences and ghostly goings on have been reports since the site first opened its doors with both staff and inmates have both reported seeing fully body apparitions walking through the old women’s wing of the jail.

There is no surprise that reports of the paranormal are rife at this location which has seen its fair share of death over the years. Some of the most famous deaths were carried out by notorious hangman Albert Pierrepoint who is believed to have hung 7 prisoners during the 20th century. Could these ghostly sprits be responsible of the ghost sightings witnessed by countless inmates? These executed prisoners were believed to be laid to rest in unmarked graves around the prison until the 70s until their remains were disturbed and cremated. Are the reported footsteps and the feeling of dread and uneasiness made by these disturbed souls?

Moving forward in time death continued to haunt Dana when in 2004 3 inmates all committed suicide with two weeks of each other which prompted attention from Parliament. The prison then took unwanted headline of being the most overcrowded prison throughout in England and Wales housing 326 prisoners where there were only 178 available.

With cell doors reportedly opening and closing by themselves, witness reports of full body apparitions and disembodied voices and footsteps, will you last the night?

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