Manor Farm
  • Manor Farm

  • Event Date : Saturday, 18 October 2014
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Pyland's Ln, Bursledon Southampton SO31 1BH

About this location

Manor Farm is situated in the middle of around 400 acres of open space and woodland on the banks of the River Hamble. This Historic farm and Museum is the perfect place to hold a Paranormal Investigate in our quest to explain the so far unexplainable.

This location has been a working farm for over 600 years and would have been once situated at the heart of Botley. As time has moved on the farm found itself becoming more desolate and out of the way with modern day life being built away from the area.

What makes this venue interesting is that along with the much loved farm houses,the original barns and heritage center, the church situated next to the farm and the duck pond are mentioned in the Doomsday book.

Surveys at the farm found evidence of a Roman road which would have run through the farm and some say was the route linking Bittern Manor and Porchester of which their original names were Clausentum and Portus Adurni respectively.

As this is one of the first Investigations of its kind at t the farm you would think that Paranormal occurrences would be few however you would be wrong. This farm has had countless reports from people being seen, sounds being witness and even things being moved.

With all these reports.......Vasts history we are sure to be in for another great night

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