Derby Gaol
  • Derby Gaol

  • Event Date : Saturday, 01 November 2014
  • Start Time  : 7pm
  • End Time    : 4am
  • Address      : Derby

About this location

Derby Gaol is a Ghost Hunters Paradise with its vast dark history of Imprisonment Hanging, Torture and Death.

Despite not even a third of jail is visible these days, the piece that remains contains so much history that there is no wonder why many refuse to stay alone, have the feeling of dread and have even witnessed full apparitions.

So about this amazing location

In the beginning criminals from both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire both were taken to the same location, Nottingham Castle. This system seemed to please most and so it was seen as 'unnecessary expenditure' to construct a jail in Derby. This all very quickly changed following an Act of Parliament passed in 23 by Henry VIII.

This new Gaol alongside the Markeaton Brook and was the width of the Corn market. The Cell area were below street level and soon became a foul place to be due to sharing its home with the Towns main sewer. The Gaol stood for almost 200 years when it was passed to build another away from the city center, one with less death and disease.

On 30th October 1755, articles had been drawn up for the construction of the new Gaol and the location decided. Nun’s Green was west of the town and due to it being an traditional execution site, it was considered to be far more suitable. To cut or reduce cost, as much usable material from the cornmarket Gaol was used and by the end of 1756 the new building was born and was already home to the areas accused. Despite the new Gaol being a more adequate site, it was only originally designed to house 29 so it soon became apparent that the accommodation was going to be insufficient.

Between 1730 and 1832 there were in excess of 260 crimes which carried the death penalty. From a little as writing a threatening letter to murder, the prison saw all sorts of visitors as the Justices served was hard and the main aim was to make “an example” of people to deter other from following suit.

With all the history, punishment and death, there is no surprise that Derby Gaol is reportedly one of the most haunted venues in Derby if not the UK.

The current owner Richard Felix had an encounter of his own whilst on the phone at the Gaol. Richard witness a grey haze was in the form a person, which glided down the corridor and vanished at the bottom. Another paranormal occurrence happened during the restoration when two builders were working in the cell area. Both witness the heavy door close by itself which left both men startled.

Many other sighting including Children, Women and Hanging men, we are surely in for a night to remember.

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