Woodchester Mansion
  • Woodchester Mansion

  • Event Date : Saturday, 16 February 2013
  • Start Time  : 9pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      :

About this location

Woodchester Mansion has gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in the UK. Set in the middle of acres of woodland and deep in a valley Woodchester Mansion is cut off from civilization and an ideal location for a ghost hunt. As you enter through the entrance gates and begin the one mile drive to the Mansion your adventure begins. The Grade 1 listed Woodchester Mansion, located in the beautiful Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, is absolutely unique in that its construction was never completed.

Building of this superb Gothic building with its stone vaulted ceilings, the large and scary gargoyles, grand staircase and impressive chapel was started in the 1850s.

The building itself was commission by William Leigh a Freemason he had bought the previous building Spring Park and decided to demolish it and build Woodchester Mansion over its foundations. Sadly the cash ran out before the building was completed and William Leigh died in 1873. Woodchester remained in the family until 1938 when the estate was sold. It now belongs to the Woodchester Trust who is trying to restore the building and save the mansion from further decline.

As you enter the front door of this imposing building you find your self back in the 1800 at the centre of a building site. The Mansion was abandoned by its builders in the middle of construction, leaving behind a building that appears complete from the outside. There are rooms without floors and the fireplaces can be seen hanging on walls waiting to be united with the floors. The stone gargoyles and magnificent stone carvings throughout the building make it a very eerie place to investigate. It has remained in this state since the mid-1870s.

Will the ghosts of any of the 7 workmen who died, 6 from accidents and 1 from a reported murder, return, through our presence, to reclaim their tools which still remain on the site?

Will our ghost hunt help reconstruct the past through the spirits, who may still haunt this magnificent location?

Join us for a paranormal investigation at Woodchester Mansions and seek to uncover the truth behind the ghostly hosts of our visit.

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