Childs Voice at Preston Manor

Preston Manor

I joined Southern Ghost Society on an investigation to Preston Manor in Brighton. We were in the ground floor rooms moving the chairs to begin a vigil. One of our team members mentioned how the uneven floor was making the chairs wobble when a child's voice can be heard saying "Wibble Wobbles". No children were on this investigation!!
EVP & Light at Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle

Strange EVP caught in the undercroft of the castle, and also an unexplainable light anomaly captured - no flash was used so not a possible reflection. From the various locations in the castle, the was the only area where anything was picked up on the recordings and the photos. I wish i had of investigated a little more outside as some of the others said they could hear footsteps as if someone was walking on a wooden floor!? These footsteps are caught on other recordings, so perhaps some definite residual activity. If you can imagine that in the undercroft it is pitch black when the lights are turned off and you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. The light anomaly is very intriguing especially as its only on that 1 photo, as with the EVP.


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