Meet the team

Meet the team of investigators that are on hand to facilitate your ghost hunting adventure. Our team are all enthusiasts and make no claims to have any psychic powers or claim to be mediums. Our team members are not paid to attend our events and they do so, on a voluntary basis.
Many of our team have been with us since the beginning and have many years’ experience between them. They all share a common goal of investigating the paranormal and passing on their skills and experience.

The team for 2015 is below, please click on or mouse over the photo for a brief resume of each team member.

Dan Marchant

Society Founder / Events Coordinator / Team Leader

Lee Marchant

Society Founder / Photographer / Team Leader

Roger Edge

Web Designer / Team Leader

Simon Smith

Team Leader

Dave Moores

Team Leader


Team Leader

Den Gurney

Team Leader

Jason Thomas

Team Leader

Mark Erwood

Team Leader

Michael Bates

Team Leader

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