Announcements   -     12 April 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant

New Equipment

Southern Ghost Society have decided to update their equipment and after months of research they decided to go for Veho MUVI Cameras.

Courtesy of the website.
VCC-006-K2NPNG - MUVI™ K-Series K-2 NPNG Wi-Fi Handsfree Camera

The MUVI™ K2 NPNG takes handsfree video capture to the next level. The enhanced MUVI™ K2 XA-7 Achilles chipset extends your options for filming with a top specification of 1080p @ 60 FPS using 19Mbits/sec. The MUVI™ K2 NPNG also comes ready for watersports including the new waterproof case capable of operating at depths of 100 metres (330 feet) and is bundled with the detachable LCD screen, 8GB memory, helmet front mount and is packed into a reusable protective carry case.


These cameras can be attached to both a head and chest mount and will enable us to capture more evidence on our quest to explain the so far unexplainable.


We will be posting the new footage soon on our evidence pages


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