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Event Location Leap Castle
Date and Time 03/11/2018  -  5pm to 6am
Event  Address Leap Castle, Coolderry, Co. Offaly
Event Sold Out

Ghost Hunt Event Photo Leap CastleIt has taken over 10 years, countless emails and research but we have finally managed to gain access to the amazing Leap Castle.

Depending on your source of information, there are varied accounts as to when exactly the castle, specifically the Castle Keep and Tower was constructed, however what we do know is that it’s as early as the 13th to as late as the 15th century, but most likely around 1250 CE.
Originally called “Leap of the O'Bannons”, Leap Castle was built by the O’Bannon clan on the site as another ancient stone structure perhaps ceremonial in nature which has been occupied consistently since at least the Iron Age (500 BCE).

Around the mid 1500’s the castle was owned by the O’Carroll clan, but their stay was plagued by family feuds and fierce rivalry, especially following the death of Mulrooney O’Carroll. The battle for power between the brothers led to an event which gave the infamous name to “The Bloody Chapel”. During a mass in the chapel, the brother burst in and drove his sword into his priest brother, killing him across the altar.

In 1659, the castle was passed to of the Darby family, by marriage which contained notable members which included Vice-Admiral George Darby, Admiral Sir Henry D'Esterre Darby and John Nelson Darby. During the tenure of Jonathan Charles Darby, séances were held in the castle by his wife Mildred Darby who was a writer of Gothic novels. This is the earliest point in history of the reported haunting and led to publicity about the castle and its ghosts. Mildred Darby tells of the noises like furniture being moved were frequently heard at night and strangers staying with us have often asked why the servants turned out the rooms at such an unusual hour the front-door bell sometimes rang, and I have gone down, but found no one.”

The current owner Sean Ryan, along with previous owners have experienced poltergeist activity during their restoration efforts. Sean Ryan has spoken about his tools getting moved to the far corners of the room and even one occurrence where the ladder he was working on was pushed away from the wall forcing him to jump several stories, fracturing his knee. Upon resuming work, another accident resulted in a broken ankle.

The most famous of them all, and no doubt the scariest is that of the elemental. It is an entity that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. An early belief is that the Elemental was put there by druids long before the castle was built to protect the sacred site used for initiations and druidic magic, another is that the Elemental was placed there by an invading force to burn the castle from the inside. The most common theory is that this entity is not human, and my never has had been as is responsible for the Poltergeist and mysterious activity at the castle.

With over 10 reported ghosts, the site of Civil war and bloody battles and ghost dating back to the 1600’s, there is no wonder this castle is reported to be the most haunted location in Ireland.

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Ghost Hunting Event Photo of Leap Castle  Ireland
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