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Event Location Wymering Manor
Date and Time 01/12/2017  -  8pm until 2am
Event  Address Old Wymering Lane, Portsmouth, PO6 3NL
Event Sold Out

Ghost Hunt Event Photo Wymering Manor This amazing location is believed to be situated on a roman settlement and is said to have been a roman outpost, there to defend Porchester Castle. Moving forward in history it is believed that William Mauduit was the first occupant of Wymering Manor who came over in the 1066 invasion. William was known to be involved in the great survey of 1086, The Doomsday book to me and you!

The current building construction dates back to the 16th century and it is claimed that many parts of the build contain both Medieval and Roman materials. With all these claims there is no wonder Wymering Manor is thought to be one of the most haunted building in Hampshire, maybe even the UK.

Moving forward to the Ninetieth century, the Haunted Manor was sold for 5000 to Mr John Martin along with 68 acres of land. At this time the manor went through major alterations and was used for overseas missions. An important visitor during this time was Queen Emma and her son Andrew, who was related to Queen Victoria.

In the Twentieth Century the Manor was purchased by Thomas Knowlys-Parr and his aunt Mrs Nightingale who made a number of alterations again. Sadly Knowlys-Parr passed away in 1938 and The British Army took possession of the manor for the duration of World War II.

Wymering Manor is reported to be the most haunted building in Hampshire and with history dating back to the Romans, there is no surprise people have encountered paranormal occurrences. The sound of children playing and whispering has been reported countless times throughout the years. Full body apparitions have also been reported, only to disappear as soon as they appear.

This will be only our second visit to Wymering Manor and with all the history, Countless reports and experiences, do you really want to miss out?

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Ghost Hunting Event Photo of Wymering Manor   Portsmouth
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