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Event Location Stansted house
Date and Time 27/10/2017  -  9pm until 4am
Event  Address Stansted Park, Rowland's Castle PO9 6DX
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Ghost Hunt Event Photo Stansted houseStansted house sits in 1700 acres grounds of ancient forests and parklands within the South Downs National Park. The grade II listed country house began as a hunting lodge in the 11th century and has been developed many times over the years.

In 1576 the last Fitzalan earl sadly passed away which meant that Stansted passed to Sir Richard Lumley who was a cousin. The house remained with family through to 1686 when Richard junior began building a new house and changed the layout of the gardens. In 1766, George Montague-Dunk inherited Stansted and built two further follies one being Racton Folly which the remains can still be seen today.

The house was significantly altered in 1826 by its new owner Charles Dixon who upon his death passed the house to George Wilder who continued the development of both the house and chapel. A devastating fire ripped through the building in 1900 which burnt everything but the servants quarters and under croft of which you can still see today.

Due to the nature of the building we will have access to the lower floors which consist of the vast servants quarters, pantries, kitchens, butlers rooms and crypt which was used to hold family members before funerals. We will also have access to St Pauls which is the family chapel a short walk from the main house.

With so many owners and so many different uses over the many years, it is no surprise that both old owners and staff claim to have witness paranormal activity.

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Ghost Hunting Event Photo of Stansted house  West Sussex
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