EVP woman saying 'no' - The Skirrid Inn

The Skirrid Inn

This is an EVP caught of a womans voice saying 'no' to a question i ask. You will hear me say... 'Do you like that' Just after you hear the click of my camera you hear a female voice answer the question by saying... 'no' I have looped it a few times. I did not hear this real time.
Dudley Castle EVP - whisper?

Dudley Castle

*please try and listen with headphones* Listen carefully at 0:47 seconds. From the Dudley Castle investigation, i catch this strange EVP. I dont know if this is a voice, a whisper or some other type of noise/response. The interesting thing is that although this was not heard real time by the group, one of the team heard something but couldnt make out what it was. This was in the same room (the coffin room) that i caught the odd streak/beam light anomaly with the full spectrum camera. I have looped the whisper/noise/response a few times at the end.


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