Voice at The Ram

The Acient Ram Inn

We investigated The Ram in May 2013. The whole group decided to investigate together and headed to the Bishops rooms. After deciding to put a trigger object in the loft, I left the room and put a ball in the Loft. The group are talking about how cold it is with the door open and after one of the groups laughed, you can hear a women's voice. Sadly it is not as clear as the other we have caught, but it sound like it says ' Leave Me or Believe Me or Something to that effect '. All i can clarify is that this investigation was conducted by all men so that is what makes the sound standout
Unexplained Voice Dave and Lees Questions

The Galleries of Justice Nottingham

Two of or lead investigators are locked in the debtors cells.... They started to comment about the conditions and what it would be like..........Listen to the response........


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